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Auto Recharge Set-Up

Auto Recharge is a feature offered by MeterPay, that will automatically top up your meter by configuring an amount to purchase when running low. For example, when the meters credit drops to £3.00 it will automatically top-up £20.00 – you will receive notification e-mails throughout this process. This payment will automatically be deducted from the bank card saved on our system. You can adjust these amounts to suit you individually.

To set up the Auto Recharge feature, you will need to be registered as a user. To set up a user account, please speak to your landlord or agent. Once you have an account, please follow these steps below:

Login to and select Consumer > My Meter Point > My Recharge > Click Set Up Recharge.

You will then be prompted to enter card details if you have not done so already. These card details will be used for all future auto recharge payments.

Once entered, you will need to enter the ‘When Credit Display is Below’ amount, and the ‘Add This Amount of Credit’.

Finally, click 'Setup Recharge'.

Please note, to prevent MeterPay taking multiple top ups, the recharge level must exceed the recharge threshold. MeterPay will only attempt to take one payment in a 24-hour period.

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