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Adding Credit

MeterPay allows online and phone payments to be made for credit top-up. To top up your smart meter online please visit and follow the procedure below:

Enter the meters 8-digit serial number and postcode and select ‘Add Credit’.

Check the ‘Meter Point Description’ matches your address and select the amount of credit you wish to add to the meter and click ‘Select’. (Credit amounts are set by your landlord)

Select ‘Checkout with Card’ once you have confirmed all the above details are correct.

You will then be prompted to enter your card details.

You will need to provide a valid email address to be sent your email receipt.

Tick the box to confirm that you are the cardholder and authorise the transaction for X amount and select ‘Confirm Payment’.

To add credit to your smart meter by phone, please call our automated top up line on 01183 240450 and follow the procedure below:

Before you call the line, please ensure you have your credit/debit card details available.

You will be asked to enter your meters 8-digit serial number and any numbers in your post code. For example, if your post code is AB1 2CD you will be required to enter ‘1 and 2’.

Once payment is made you will be given a reference number, please keep a copy of this to refer to if needed.

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