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Residents Unable To Top Up

Both Iskra and Secure Meters:

If your residents can not add credit to their meter, or they have already topped up but the credit has not yet been delivered, it could be down to a number of reasons.

Firstly, ensure that the meter is activated and on a 'Pre-Payment' tariff - if the meter is on 'Free-Vend' your tenants can not top up.

Confirm that Stripe (our payment platform) are not asking for extra verification and therefore temporarily suspended your account.

If the meter is powered off, it may be possible that there is a power cut in the area, or an issue with the supply arrangements within the building.

For Iskra Meters only:

If the meter appears to be on a power cycle may be required. This requires the meter to be powered down for 20 minutes before powering back up. There is no on/off button on the meter so it will have to be isolated from the supply using a fuse or breaker on the main consumer unit. Before carrying out a power cycle call the support office so a MeterPay engineer can help diagnose any communication issues.

If there is not a strong enough signal the credit will not be delivered to the meter. Sometimes networks can have temporary issues effecting masts in the area. If your meter is in an area of poor signal, we would advise an external aerial.

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