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Emergency Credit

Emergency credit is a pool of credit purely for energy usage (i.e. units of power being consumed) - any daily standing charges will not be deducted from this. Whilst a meter is on emergency credit the auxiliary charge will still be applied to the meter as a debt that needs to be cleared next time the resident makes a top up.

For example, a meter that is on a tariff of £0.25 per kWh and a daily standing charge of £0.50 per day with emergency credit set to £5.00 has a total of 20 kWh of emergency energy usage. If it takes the resident 10 days to consume 20 kWh, a debt of £5.00 will be added to the meter for the daily standing charge.

Once the resident has used the 20 kWh the meter will stop supplying energy. It will need to be topped up by the total amount of debt on the meter (which includes the emergency credit used and daily standing charge accrued since the meter started using emergency credit) to be brought into positive credit to resume the supply.

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